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Sunday Herding Clinics are open to a limited number of dogs (maximum of 6) and are designed for the intermediate to advanced herding handler. Owners who attend these clinics should have enough herding experience to work safely with livestock during unsupervised herding practice. Handlers must also understand how to apply positive reinforcement training principles to herding training. You can obtain this experience and knowledge by first attending one of the other behavioral or herding training seminars/workshops/camps at Raspberry Ridge or through private lesson equivalent.

Dogs with a keen desire to herd will especially benefit from this format, as well as handlers who wish to immerse themselves and their dogs in herding. During the 3 hour clinic, Carolyn Wilki will be available to each handler at least once during the clinic for a lesson or consultation. Sheep will be herded in a variety of locations, including small pens, standard trial pens, and a 40 acre field. Handlers are asked to bring a small notebook to write out their training goals and record their results. The use of positive reinforcement training for behavior modification in herding will be emphasized. If weather & interest permits, we might even go skiing or hiking!

Limit Number Dogs per Clinic: 6

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Select a Clinic or 'a la Carte' Dates from the list below:

Fees: Main Dog & Main Handler Registration ($360) per clinic.
2nd Dog Same Handler ($160) per clinic.

A la carte dog & handler registration ($130) per day.

A la carte 2nd dog registration ($65) per day.

A la carte registration is free of late fees.
Payment due for all classes, events and seminars 2 weeks before beginning of session.
All payments for classes, events and seminars are non-refundable within 2 weeks of beginning of the class, event or seminar, with exception of cancellation of the class, event or seminar by organizer.

Bed and Breakfast payment is due one week prior to check-in and is non-refundable within one week of check-in.


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