Dog Training Instruction & Lessons


Carolyn Wilki attended Cornell University, graduate of Bryn Mawr College, cum laude, psychology. Carolyn has been herding and training since 1987, teaching and writing about training since 1989 and an APDT conference speaker and member. Trains all breeds of dogs, lives with Border Collies and German Shepherd Dogs, who herd, of course! Has trained dogs and owners to over 150 herding titles, including advanced titles and multiple high in trial distinction on a variety of herding courses.

You can send Carolyn payments for private lessons from her if you have a first discussed it with her.

Meet Diane Thompson!

Diane has been involved in training & competing with her own dogs for over 30 years, from schutzhund & AKC obedience & tracking, to flyball, herding, rally obedience, barn hunt and nose work. Diane has taught group puppy classes, competition rally obedience classes, and tracking classes.

Diane loves nothing more than working with puppies, helping them to start off long, happy lives with their families. Diane especially loves experiencing the joy puppies bring and seeing life through puppy eyes. She also enjoys helping human-canine teams fulfill their potential both as pet companions and as competitors in dog sports.

Diane lives with 3 Border Collies, Zeke, Belle & Kidd. Zeke and Belle are retired from competitive AKC obedience, rally obedience, and sheep herding, but they still love to do livestock work, barn hunt, and nose work. Belle qualified for the AKC rally obedience nationals twice. Kidd is the youngster who is currently in training for sheep herding, rally obedience, barn hunt, and nose work.