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Carolyn Wilki at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm, 2167 Lake Minsi Drive, Bangor, PA, 18013
And Fran Dickenshied Kramer, owner, Common Sense Canine Behavioral Training
(570) 424-2219
610-LUV-LAMB (610 588-5262) Fax: 610-588-6527

Call to schedule 2020 classes. Fran at 973-953-7592 or

1st Class will be an Orientation. This is the only meeting during the 1st week.
You can attend the 1st week Orientation during one of the times below:
* Monday Evening at 7-9:30 pm (or)
* Wednesday Evening at 7-9:30 pm (or)
* Saturday Morning at 8:45-11:30 am
-- Dogs should not attend orientation. Dog parents attend only.

*** The remaining five (5) classes will meet at the day and time of the session for which you sign up.

are open to a limited number of dogs (maximum of 8). The whole family can attend. The use of positive reinforcement is emphasized in all training. We use positive reinforcement training at Raspberry Ridge because it works, because it's fun, & because it is the kind of training used to train killer whales and grizzly bears. It works on dogs, too!
Besides covering basics of behavioral obedience, Raspberry Ridge is unique in teaching both you and your dog how to pay attention to one another. We feel the habit of attention is a fundamental skill that needs to be taught to the dog and his/her owner. We also hope you will practice at home so that by the end of the course, the dog will come when called, sit, lie down, move away, and walk pleasantly with its owner off or on lead, at an elementary level. Time is allowed in each class for questions.

include an indoor obedience barn (40 foot x 60 foot room, heated), an indoor lecture living room, 65 acres of pasture fields, both fenced & unfenced.

4 months & up, all breeds-- dog must be healthy, up-to-date on all vaccinations appropriate to age and not been in contact with any dogs with communicable diseases within the previous 30 days.
ALSO AVAILABLE AT RASPBERRY RIDGE: Puppy Kindergarten (for puppies 2-6 months), "Advanced Basic," AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Classes, Aggressive Dog/Difficult Dog Rehabilitation, Private Obedience Lessons, Herding Training, Flyball, Competition Obedience, Tracking, & Agility Practice. Group classes, private classes, seminars, clinics and camps for you & your dog.

About Carolyn Wilki ... attended Cornell University, graduate of Bryn Mawr College, cum laude, psychology major. Has been herding and training dogs since 1987, teaching and writing since 1989. In 1992, her column "So You'd Like to Try Herding" won a Maxwell Award for Best Column from the Dog Writers Association of America. APDT Conference Speaker and member. Besides being a nationally recognized author, Carolyn also gives seminars, clinics, demonstrations, and private classes. Trains all breeds of dogs, has trained over 100 dogs and owners to AKC herding titles, multiple high in trial winners. Lives with sheep, Border Collies and German Shepherd Dogs.

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Select a Session:

Fees: Main Dog & Main Handler Registration ($175) per session.
2nd Dog Same Handler ($175) per session.
Payment due for all classes, events and seminars 2 weeks before beginning of session.
All payments for classes, events and seminars are non-refundable within 2 weeks of beginning of the class, event or seminar, with exception of cancellation of the class, event or seminar by organizer.

Bed and Breakfast payment is due one week prior to check-in and is non-refundable within one week of check-in.


Please select when you will attend the orientation day during the first week.
Reminder: During the first week of class, you meet only for the orientation not at the regularly scheduled class time.

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