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Greenhorn Herding/Tending Classes for Beginners

This is a beginner’s clinic package for herding (small flock/fetching/driving) and tending (large flock grazing and management). Sheep can be herded in many locations, including small pens, standard trial arenas, and a 40 acre field. Positive reinforcement training is emphasized in the work with the dog.

  • Herding instinct explained, beginning herding training theory, and glossary of herding terms
  • Positive reinforcement training techniques as applied to herding
  • Operant and associative learning as applied to herding
  • Explanation, role playing, and practice without dogs (!) of basic sheep/dog/shepherd dynamics
  • Herding tasks, herding breeds, herding temperaments-- how they differ & how to start developing them
  • Introduction to AKC, NEBCA, ASCA, AHBA, ATBA herding programs
  • Video examples of different herding styles and situations (“real-in-the-field,” as well as trialing and training)
  • Beginning training exercises practiced and suggested
  • Basic relationship of each dog/handler team assessed and at-home training suggestions made.

Limit Number Dogs per Clinic: 6

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Select a Clinic or 'a la Carte' Dates from the list below:

Fees: Main Dog & Main Handler Registration ($360) per clinic.
2nd Dog Same Handler ($160) per clinic.

A la carte dog & handler registration ($130) per day.

A la carte 2nd dog registration ($65) per day.

A la carte registration is free of late fees.
Payment due for all classes, events and seminars 2 weeks before beginning of session.
All payments for classes, events and seminars are non-refundable within 2 weeks of beginning of the class, event or seminar, with exception of cancellation of the class, event or seminar by organizer.

Bed and Breakfast payment is due one week prior to check-in and is non-refundable within one week of check-in.


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