Beginner Nose Work for Dogs

Beginner Nose Work for Dogs


with Carolyn Wilki

FMI: TELEPHONE — (610) 674-0160

Some basics of nose work are introduced. Each dog and handler team will get 2 or more (time permitting) chances to practice beginning training exercises. This activity is especially suitable for shy, fear-aggressive or orthopedically challenged dogs.

Please send me an email with 3 topics (from below) interested you:

Ground Rules For Training

  • Positive Reinforcement in nose work
  • Developing Working Dog Independence
  • Leash Handling
  • Varieties of Working Styles of Dogs

Developing Willingness to Search

  • Search for Treats
  • Hide & Seek (An Object)
  • Find the Car Keys
  • Find the Person
  • Naming Objects
  • Training the Reluctant Retriever
  • Building Interest in Object
  • Trouble Giving Back Objects?
  • Don’t Chew/Destroy It!!
  • Teaching a Retrieve Behavior

Training a Marking Behavior

  • (Bark, Sit, Lie Down, etc.)

Learning What to Search For

  • Square Search
  • Pancake Tracking
  • Lost and Found Retrieve
  • Happy Birthday Retrieve
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Scent in a Bottle Training
  • Beginning Box Work
  • Deep Nose Tracking v Air Scenting
  • Ignoring Distractions


  • Using a Helper
  • Wind
  • Scent Trail
  • Crushed Vegetation
  • Skin Rafts
  • Laying & Aging a Track

Beginner Nose Work for Dogs
Clinic Dates 2024 (recent)
Session III. Saturday July 20, 2024. 8am - 11am
Session IV. Saturday November 23, 2024. 1pm - 4pm