Behavioral Obedience

Behavioral Obedience


with Carolyn Wilki, Sponsored by SBHO

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Our goal is to offer the best possible training foundation for you and your dog. All classes are limited in size to 6 dogs. There are six classes in each session. The first class is a special orientation of two hours because you need to understand how your dog learns and the reasoning behind the training methods we recommend. All other classes are one hour in length. We are positive reinforcement trainers and emphasize the correct use of positive reinforcement in all our classes because it works best.

Currently we offer group classes for behavioral obedience, puppy kindergarten, puppy hikes, and agility on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. Growler Classes are two hours in length and are offered in 8 classes or 4 class per session options. Growler Classes are also limited in size to 6 dogs.

Best Buddies group classes (except Growler) are taught by Diane Thompson at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm
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Obedience Training is more than just obedience commands. It’s a matter of teaching foundation behaviors before moving on to performing simple behaviors on command and more complex or difficult behaviors. Our sessions are unique in teaching both the handler and Phydo to pay attention to each other while encouraging calm, focused behavior. We also include SIT, DOWN, COME, STAY, and WALKING NICELY ON LEASH.

Each dog and handler is taught starting at whatever level they need to start with because each home-dog situation is different. So, it won’t be that everyone does A this week, B the next and so forth. If you and your dog have not mastered A, it is senseless to move on to B. And yes, training your dog takes time and effort. There are no shortcuts.

Many handlers/owners will sign up their dogs for repeat sessions. We just pick up where you left off, and if you are having a behavior issue, we will address it then and there, or refer you to someone who can help.

Behavioral obedience group classes taught by Diane Thompson at Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm

Behavioral Obedience
Session Dates 2021
Session I. Sep 27 - Nov 8, 2021. Monday mornings, 6 Classes. 10:30 - 11:30 am.
Session II. Nov 15 - Dec 27, 2021. Monday mornings, 6 Classes. 10:30 - 11:30 am
Session III. Nov 15 - Dec 27, 2021. Monday evenings, 6 Classes. 5:30 - 6:30 pm ($260)