1. Reinforce calm behavior
  2. Work for your dog to be in a state of "Doggy Zen"
Five Keys To Observing Your Dog ©
  1. Focus of dog’s sensory equipment
  2. Pace of behaviors
  3. Rate of breathing/stuff coming out of dog’s mouth
  4. Skin and muscular tension
  5. Can the dog eat
Five Environmental Causes of
Dog Aggression ©
(Eliminate these problems,
and you lessen the likelihood of aggression):
  1. Confusion
  2. Punishment
  3. Lack of a job in situation
  4. Lack of predictability/control in environment
  5. The animal learns that aggression gets him what he wants
Seven Training Fundamentals
  1. Positive Marker
  2. Name Response
  3. Voluntary Eye Contact
  4. Follow Hand Signals
  5. Following Closely
  6. Useful Touching
  7. Talk to Head not Tail