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Herding Camps: Boot Camp and Catch On!

Catch ON Camp! Who should attend? Catch ON! Camp is designed for herding handlers who live long distances away or who are unfamiliar with the concepts of positive reinforcement as applied to herding training. (I have tried many things while herding for over 20 years using positive reinforcement.) Catch ON! Camp is also useful for those who want herding practice with their dogs for two, solid weeks-- catch on and catch up!

Catch ON! When?—includes Monday- Friday, a week before regular Herding Boot Camp or Tending Camp sessions (check the schedule) and the regular Herding Boot Camp or Tending Camp session; plus you can choose to participate in up to 2 weekends of activities before and after Catch ON! Camp at no additional charge. (Or you can go sight-seeing!)

Note: After you sign up for Catch ON! Camp plus Herding or Tending Camp, you e-mail me (Carolyn) with your training plans for the weekends before & after Catch ON! Camp.

To summarize, Catch ON! Camp includes:

  1. (bonus, optional) The weekend before M-F Catch ON! Camp—we invite you to get an early start and join us at no additional charge in our other activities scheduled here at Raspberry Ridge or to train on your own. Or go sight-seeing.
  2. Monday-Friday Catch ON! Camp, where you have an opportunity to learn positive reinforcement herding with your dog.
  3. (bonus, optional) The weekend between Catch ON! and regular Herding Boot or Tending Camp. You can join in at no additional charge with our other Raspberry Ridge activities or train on your own here at the farm. Or go sight-seeing.
  4. Monday-Friday’s regular Herding Boot Camp or Tending Camp session.
Herding Boot Camp is total immersion dog training and an unparalleled opportunity for you to learn. Depending on how much stamina you and your dog have, theoretically, you two can have as many as 16 training opportunities (or more) per day. Your dog will receive as much down time to rest or exercise as he requires to make him a more efficient student. During your dog’s down time, you will have the opportunity to remain busy and sharpen your skills by observing, helping, and role playing with other students. You will also listen to lectures, watch demonstrations, and watch videos. Besides all the training, depending on the interest and suitability of activities, we may-- with or without canines-- go swimming, hiking, or shopping.

We take a baseline measurement of each dog at the beginning of the camp and at the end so that you can see your progress. We cannot guarantee that your dog will be completely cured of all his bad habits by Friday. However, we can guarantee that you will see measurable, significant improvement if you follow-through on the training principles that are presented to you in Tough Dog Camp, and by the end of camp, you should see measurable improvement.

One of the main objectives of the camp is to make sure you the handler are proficient in the many areas that need to be addressed in order to rehabilitate the tough dog.

Focused discussions and demonstrations will address:
  • Doggy zen, arousal, displacement behaviors—sharpening your awareness and recognition of these behaviors.
  • Five Keys for Observing a Dog .
  • The rules of the flight zone and how to apply them to stimulus presentation.
  • Evaluating a stimulus—neutral, attractive, arousing, or calming—and changing its value for your dog.
  • Default behaviors—recognizing what is not desirable and identifying what is desirable. How to elicit desirable default behaviors from your dog.
  • Practice in debunking dominance, pummeling the importance of punishment, and negating negative markers.
  • Practice in applying positive operant and associative conditioning principles.
  • Establishing the basic communication building blocks-- Practice in suggested training exercises—the fab five and beyond.
  • Desensitization training scenarios.

Limit Number Dogs per Camp: 6

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Select a Camp or 'a la Carte' Dates from the list below:

Fees: Main Dog & Main Handler Registration ($900) per camp.
2nd Dog Same Handler ($375) per camp. $90 late fee per dog applies unless completed registration form with payment is received 2 weeks before camp.

A la carte dog & handler registration ($240) per day, ($130) per 1/2 day.

A la carte 2nd dog registration ($130) per day, ($65) per 1/2 day.

A la carte $25 late fee per dog applies unless completed registration form with payment is received 2 weeks before the first day of the camp.
Deposit 50% of total amount due for camp and B&B room 2 weeks before beginning of camp session*
Deposit is non-refundable within 2 weeks of beginning of camp, with exception of cancellation of event by organizer.
* A La Carte Day Campers pay in full at time of registration.

Please check if you would like either to tent or if you bring an RV electricity hookup


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