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The relationship you want to improve with positive reinforcement, for pet & performance homes!


with Carolyn Wilki, Sponsored by SBHO

FMI: TELEPHONE— 610-588-5262 (610-LUV-LAMB)


  • Aggression Facts/Aggression Fictions: What Is Aggression and What Are Its Causes?

  • What’s Important About Your Dog’s ANS (what’s that?)—the Physiology of Aggression

  • Defining and Recognizing Doggy Zen Behaviors versus Arousal and Displacement Behaviors.

  • Five Keys to Reading Your Dog

  • The Helpful And Not So Helpful Roles Of Body Orientation & Touch

  • Prevention of Aggression:  Management & Equipment for Safety

  • What to Do When “It” (Dog Aggression) Happens

  • Reducing Human Stress Reactions/Reducing Dog Stress Reactions

  • Why should your dog want to listen to you?-- Train and manage dog life for success, not failure!

  • Revealed:  How Dogs Learn (Operant and Associative Learning Paradigms, plus…)

  • Meaningful Reinforcement

  • Watch Your Ratios!  The Simple Elegance of 4:1 (Beware:  Are you a ¼ pounder, dog hounder?)

  • “5 Minute Dog Trainer” ™ Method (Good news! You can do effective dog training in 5 minutes!)

  • “The Fab Four” (plus others), training building blocks to establish foundation between you & pooch

  • Effective Desensitization, Planning & Implementation (after building Fab Four Foundation)

  • Supervised Dog-Dog & Dog-People Interactions, & Starting Your Own “Growl” Groups

  • Troubleshooting with Leadership, Environment, Touch, & Signals (L.E.T.S.) to Fix Problems

  • The Puppy

  • Understanding the Lingo:  Glossary of Useful Behavioral & Associative Training Terms.
Workshop Dates 2021
Session I. Feb 20 - Feb 21, 2021. Sat - Sun. 2-day session, 9am-5pm, one or both days.

Session II. May 29 - May 30, 2021. Sat - Sun. 2-day session, 9am-5pm, one or both days.